Are you new to Instagram? Discover how to increase your following on this popular social networking site. What other factors do you need to consider to gain more followers besides a design size guidance for your posts? These factors will be clarified through this blog. So, continue reading.

Tips To Increase Your Instagram Followers

Planning and producing content on Instagram takes hours of your time. After you click “Share,” everything is OK for a fraction of a second. You’re sure that what you published is fantastic.

Then, radio silence. Maybe a few comments and likes from your small number of followers. But how can you gain more Instagram followers if you don’t provide quality stuff?

Instagram growth doesn’t have a step-by-step manual. However, there are recommended practices that might assist you in expanding your audience and gaining new followers.

1.     Stick to One Niche

Keep in mind that specialisation creates exclusivity! It strengthens bonds and broadens your Instagram network.

Instagram is a thrilling platform; each step raises your skill level. The issue is that you risk being distracted from your objectives when your adrenaline levels rise from uploading fresh material and gaining more followers, likes, shares and comments. Define the aim of your account and adhere to it strictly to avoid this ambiguity.

For instance, if social media marketers are your target market and you’re an Instagram instructor, stick to this speciality and establish yourself as an authority. Remember that a clear purpose leads to a better action plan.

2.     Create a Catchy Bio

Your bio is the first thing people come across when they visit your profile. Thus, it is essential to make an excellent first impression. You must write an engaging bio to entice people to follow you on Instagram.

It would help if you excitingly expressed your brand’s biography in addition to the fundamentals, including your contact information and website URL. It won’t help you stand out if all you mention is what sort of business you have. People must be motivated to follow you and engage with your brand.

3.     Develop a Unique Brand Personality

The next thing a viewer to your profile will see after your bio is your Instagram feed. Additionally, whether a person likes your business depends on their initial impression after viewing your feed.

Your brand’s personality is determined by the colours you choose, the type of content you post, the tone you use, etc. Additionally, it should be composed so that anybody who views it will quickly connect it to your brand.

4.     Use Popular Hashtags

Using trending hashtags is an excellent method to increase your Follower count. You can reach more people using hashtags since even those not following you can find your material by searching for that specific hashtag.

If you upload a picture of your breakfast and add the hashtag #foodporn, everyone who searches for that hashtag will be able to view your picture, regardless of whether they follow you.

The hashtag you’re using should be related to your image; otherwise, people will perceive it as spam and are less inclined to follow you.

Start by looking for hashtags that will resonate with your target market. Find suitable hashtags for your Instagram posts with the aid of free apps like Display Purposes and AutoHash. For instance, Display Purposes allows you to enter a few details about your image and receive recommendations for the best hashtags.

5.     Find the proper time to post on Instagram

You’ll see that we avoided mentioning when to publish on Instagram. There is no rule for when to post on Instagram to get the most engagement. However, there are methods for determining the best hours for your audience.

Use Instagram Insights first to ascertain the times when your audience is online. From your Instagram business profile, select “Insights,” then go to “Your Audience” and select “See All.” To identify the periods when your audience is most active, go to the bottom of the page.

Additionally, think about the times when your information will be most relevant. A step-by-step recipe video, for instance, would do better outside of working hours since more people are likely to be cooking. Conversely, at 2 p.m., when individuals have an afternoon slump, a coffee shop post can perform well. Try publishing at various times and monitor engagement.

6.     Post Quality Content

Although this advice should go without saying, it is nonetheless essential. Posting high-quality content that people genuinely want to see is necessary if you want people to follow you. This implies that you should upload captivating images and videos with well-thought-out captions.

Spend some time deciding what type of content you would like to see when scrolling through Instagram, then post in accordance with that. Remember to choose the proper post size to display your material flawlessly on Instagram.

7.     Reels: Go big with them!

In 2023, reels are the way to go. Gaining millions of likes, views, and followers is the guaranteed method to go viral on Instagram. Without a doubt, this newest Instagram feature has wholly taken over the app, with marketers and content providers sharing daily hilarious, appealing, and informative material.

So why is this important? When people post reels on their stories and DMs, they go viral, allowing you to earn free Instagram followers. In the 15/90 second window, you may make anything you want and swiftly increase your Instagram following!

8.     Create a series of stories

Don’t stop with the highlight covers and graphics; extend the brand uniformity to Instagram stories. Prepare your stories in advance. Be aware of your story’s direction and the information you are giving to your audience.

Makeup stories to accompany your highlights! Like to talk about cosmetics? Then, start a weekly article series called “Beauty Fridays”, in which you highlight some fantastic beauty items you’re enjoying.

9.     Discover what your competitor is doing:

You must be aware of what the competitor is doing to stay ahead of them. Websites like ProfileMate makes it simple! With the help of this ground-breaking programme, you can thoroughly research, plan, and communicate with any Instagram followers.

Input your competitor’s username to discover their most well-liked posts, most often used hashtags, list of followers, and more. You may check to see if your account is headed in the correct direction with this helpful information, and you can then modify your plan if necessary.

10.Leverage influencers

Influencers have a sizable following of dedicated, engaged followers—a characteristic everyone wants in their audience. You can use influencers to gain access to their devoted followers and win them over as new fans.

The influencers should come from your niche and be relevant to your brand, which is the most important thing to remember. As long as those requirements are satisfied, influencer marketing is a specific strategy to increase your Instagram following.

Influencer marketing may be used in various ways to increase follower numbers, but it is well outside the scope of this essay. So, to increase your reach, do your research and use influencer marketing.


Focusing on your goals while having fun with the process can help you move forward with your account. You may successfully expand your Instagram followers by implementing all the powerful strategies discussed in this blog.

Tools like SocialPilot, which allow you to react with social inbox, schedule posts, and assess the effectiveness of your Instagram account, are another option to increase user engagement. And last but not least, have patience. Your prospective followers are waiting to be reached with the appropriate approaches to motivate them to click the blue follow button!