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Your Order will Start within a few minutes after you make payment. You Will be notified via email about order Status.


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Buy Instagram Story Views UK to push the engagement metrics upward

The ultimate benefit of buying Instagram story views UK is that it will get you to explore the page. Since views are one of the crucial factors of engagement metrics, and more views mean greater chances of the content to get on the explore page. More views keep the account a step closer to being more famous. Buying Instagram story views is a worth considering deal that every social media marketer will urge you for. However, we also encourage you to buy Instagram story views UK from a renowned company that can benefit your profile and the brand for an extended period. Instagram stories open a new door for brands to thrive among competitors. IG stories also help to give a more inclusive insight into the brand and build a cohesive relationship with the audience.  Since over 500 million people use stories, it is an excellent way of promoting the brand through it. If you want to secure more users, you either buy Instagram followers to direct more people or can buy cheap Instagram story views. Social Viral ensure to bring high-quality story views so the chances of account termination don’t come your way.

More Story Views are a testament to the account’s credibility

When you buy Instagram story views, it will amplify the view count that eventually increases the chance of your stories appearing on your follower’s feeds. If your story is interesting, the followers will share it with others that expand its organic reach too. It is also safe to assume the ranking is contingent upon the number of views you buy. When brands buy IG story views for every story they post, it can give their content a viral vibe. The study suggests that when there are more IG story views, your story will be recommended to people who are not even your followers.

What story views does to your account

Brands buy story views to expand the brand’s awareness. More people who click on the story and watch it are considered as a view. The story will only appear to the account of people who follow you.  More views determine the ranking factor or where to put your story on followers’ accounts. More so, having hundreds of story views gives a satisfying feeling. Buy from Social Viral to have real story views with instant delivery. We also deliver more than what you ordered. In general, Instagram story views will be delivered within one or two hours after placing an order.

Frequently Asked Questions!

How long do Instagram stories last?

An Instagram story lasts for 24 hours. After twenty four hours, the story will vanish from the feed and no one can watch it.

Does Instagram count my view as ‘ story view’?

Instagram does consider your own view as an Instagram story view.

How long does it take to receive Instagram story views?

The duration is contingent upon the size of the order. When you want to purchase more IG story views on multiple stories the duration may be more than when you simply want 100 story views on a single Instagram story.

What happens if I don’t receive my order on time?

Social Viral is dedicated to providing the exact services at the set time. It is unlikely we don’t deliver the purchased services. However, if it happens, kindly make sure the account you want services on is on public mode.

Are there any risks of buying Instagram story views?

As long as you work with genuine sellers, the risk is zero. However, if you count upon followers who deliver likes from the shell or phony accounts, then the chances of your account being shadowed are abundant.

Do more Instagram story views maximize the chance of my story to get on the explore page?

Certainly! The views have a huge role in engagement metrics. When your video or story gets more views Instagram considers it credible and sends it to a wider set of audiences by putting your content on the explore section.


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