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This is the most recent Terms and Conditions agreement by Social Viral as of 26th Jun 2022. Our website and services are provided by Social Viral.

By accessing our website, you agree to be bound by the website Terms and Conditions, Refund Policy, Privacy Policy, and all the laws and regulations by us. You agree that you are responsible to obey all the applicable laws. You agree that by using our services, you clearly understand and decide what you are buying from Social Viral. You agree that you will not report any fraudulent dispute via PayPal, Credit card, or Bank. If you disagree with all the terms of services for this website, then no need to accept this agreement. And we will recommend you to not buy anything from Social Viral. Any further update or modification in our agreement will replace all former terms and conditions.

Our Terms:

  • Social Viral will not be responsible for any kind of damages suffered by you. We do not make a guarantee of any kind, communicative or implicit, for our provided services. As our website uses the internet to deliver services, we cannot guarantee about uptime or availability of our site.
  • Social Viral is not affiliated with Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or any other social platform in any way.
  • Social Viral reserves the right to modify, suspend, or withdraw either partially or fully of our service or content at any time without notifying you or inciting any answerability. It is the sole responsibility of our customers to check our Terms update.
  • As a customer of Social Viral, you are subjected to comply with applicable laws and legislation.
  • Using our website and services, you agree to this agreement, and your age is at least 13.
  • It is the sole responsibility of our consumers to check updates about our terms and conditions.
  • We do not guarantee you to provide the expected number of likes, followers, or views, but we always try to deliver an extra quantity to put a smile on our customer’s faces. In case, you receive less quantity, we can contact our customer support.
  • You will follow all the agreements made with Social media websites while using our services and website.
  • We strive for excellence but cannot guarantee to provide eternal, uninterrupted, or error-free operation of the services.
  • Please note that we charge only in GBP to follow the market. You can pay only in GBP.
  • Social Viral can make any changes on this website at any time without any notice. But, we do not commit to updating the materials.
  • If you do not agree and acknowledge our Terms of services, then Social Viral advises you to not make any purchase from us.
  • The use of our services will be only for promotional purposes.
  • Any update to our policy may replace all the previous agreements.
  • Any kind of typing or human error is reserved.


  • By purchasing from the Social Viral, you agree that our services will be used for your content promotion on Instagram and TikTok.
  • We do not allow our consumers to use our services for promoting hate speech, bullying, any criminal act, or for any unfair means.
  • The content published by you on Instagram and TikTok should follow the community guidelines of your respective platforms.
  • Social Viral is not accountable for any kind of account suspension from the authorities of the social media platforms.
  • We require your Instagram username to get the required information for the Instagram API. We do not store, give away or share your username with any third parties.
  • No one can use our site’s property without getting our consent.
  • No one can use our site’s property without getting our consent.


  • You are not allowed to copy any text or images used on the Social Viral website in any case without the written consent of our representative.
  • Social Viral does not warrant the accuracy, and ampleness of any of the material shared on our website


  • While using our services, you are not allowed to upload any content containing nudity or any stuff that is not allowed on Instagram, or the TikTok community.
  • You are not allowed to misuse the system during our services.
  • Any claim on the Social Viral website must be governed by the laws of the UK. General Terms and Conditions are applicable to the use of the website.


  • The materials on Social Viral’s website are provided “as is”.
  • Social Viral makes no warranties, expressed or implied, and disclaims and negates all other warranties.
  • Social Viral or its team is not responsible for any account suspension, photo deletion, or any action taken by Social Media websites, and negative comments, votes, reports, and DMs.
  • We are not accountable or chargeable for your actions or their consequences. We do not believe that we are to blame for the suspension of your Instagram or TikTok account for any reason.
  • You agree and acknowledge that you are using our services at your own risk. We are not responsible for any of the consequences that may occur because of using this website or service. It is 100% your own risk.


  • Social Viral website has not reviewed all the sites linked to it, and we are not responsible for the contents of these linked sites.
  • Social Viral does not endorse all the inserted links on our website. Use of such linked sites is at the consumer’s own risk.
  • Social Viral does not claim to make any demonstrations regarding the competence, expected outcomes, or authenticity of using its internet website. It does not assure to relate any such elements or sites linked to it.


  • Social Viral grants the right to ban your username and the IP address from our website in case of any fraudulent attempt to register a dispute, claim, unauthorized transaction, or chargeback.
  • By shopping anything from Social Viral, you must agree to PayPal’s Terms of Services and will not break any state rules.
  • While buying our services, you will not file a dishonest dispute via the payment processor.


  • Social Viral strives to provide our customers with industry-leading support.
  • Our customer support team is 24/7 available to resolve your queries.
  • You can contact the support team by filling out the “Contact Us” form. We will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

Confidentiality of your information:

  • Social Viral uses the information provided by you to complete your order and sends you delivery to your account.
  • We also use your information to send you our upcoming promotions, coupons and information regarding any 3rd party websites that you might be interested in.
  • Social Viral never sells your information to anyone.


  • Payments on Social Viral are 256-bit SSL encrypted, secured, and using a verified payment gateway.
  • While making payment on our site, make sure you have clearly understood our terms of service. We will not be accountable for any misunderstanding from your end.
  • As a customer, you have authorization to use the credit card, debit card, or any other payment source used to make the purchase from us.
  • While making payment you must agree to and follow all the guidelines by any transaction mode that you are using.
  • Any unauthorized transaction or chargeback may lead us directly to ban your username and the IP address from the Social Viral internet website.
  • Users must acknowledge that chargebacks, disputes, or payment reversals will not be treated before discussing the situation with our support team.


  • Late delivery by us will not be subjected to any kind of partial or complete refund.
  • In some cases, due to technical error, delivery time can vary. So, you can contact our customer support if you are inconvenienced.


  • Social Viral or its suppliers are not responsible for any kind of damage in any case.
  • Damages may arise due to loss of data, business interruption or any limitations.
  • Inability to use the elements on the Social Viral website may also cause damage.
  • Damages caused by any of the above reasons either in the verbal, or written notice of Social Viral or any Social Viral’s approved representatives will not be applicable to us.

Change of Terms:

  • All the information described above applies to all the services we offer at Social Viral.
  • This Terms of Service is subject to change at any time. The modifications made will become effective the date these are posted on our website.
  • No further notice by Social Viral is required upon your extended use of our website.